Pay off the house— the cars
Buy a new car
Remodel the house

Fix Jason’s teeth
A wealthy lawyer with
crooked teeth
turns people off
Save for the twins’ education— or not
A degree doesn’t guarantee a job— not now
My college years were wasted
especially after Harry
Where did marriage get me?
Elbow deep in loans with
twin girls to raise
Quit my job
Finish school
Study what?
Wasn’t that the problem that led to Harry?
Do I have any talents?
Running a dental office isn’t talent
It’s a job with whiny people
Oh, who gives a fuck
Stay home
Watch Soap Operas— are they still running?
Take the girls on a summer vacation
Go to the Hawaii
Meet a rich man
so I never have to figure out what I’m good at
Catch up on sleep
Spend spend spend—
Make a Trust Fund for the twins
Kill myself.