Jocosa Wade

Writer In Progress

Who Am I?

I have no books in print, no debut novel ready to launch or give away, and yet, I am a writer.

Are you?

A writer who may be a wee bit embarrassed by not having any proof of your umpteen years of writing? Don’t be. I get it.

It took seventeen years, three completed manuscripts— with twelve rewrites on one and two on another— developmental work on a fourth, and a children’s book before one of my creative nonfiction pieces was accepted for publication.

Writing from the trenches isn’t easy. An enormous amount of patience and persistence and faith is needed. Faith in the story, in the audience who is waiting to listen, and faith in yourself to deliver the goods.

Believing in yourself may be the most difficult skill in the toolbox to sharpen. But you can do it, and you don’t need a pair of Nikes. You’ve already begun. If you’ve signed up for a workshop, conference or class – you’re a believer. Trolling the web for writing sites is another act of faith no matter how anxious you feel inside. All the little ways you show up prove you’re strong enough and smart enough to beat your inner critic. And the best way to keep winning is to remember…

Every writer is a Work-In-Progress

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