A picture sits in the window above my writing desk, displayed in a glass frame of pressed wildflowers— my favorite. It’s of a little girl whose white blonde hair makes me think of Ice Palaces, Snow Queens and Magic. Her full-wattage smile— a celebration of how comfortable she is in her almost nakedness. She stands on one foot. Any second, she could step into a run, skip, or leap onto the bike leaning against the stoop. She is effervescent and eager without a hint of being in a rush. No expectations pressure her to perform. Her only desire is to explore. She is ready for anything because she is prepared for nothing.

This little Snow Queen is my inner child and muse, my connection to the golden light of creativity. Whenever I gaze at her, I remind myself to breathe, let go of the outside world, drift into the stillness of me, and write without apology. The time for editing will come. But… Today—I Write!

What childhood picture can you use to inspire yourself to relax and embrace where you are in your writing journey?